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Sweat now, shine later.

The Sweat Glow is an inner guide for the modern, busy woman, who is always striving to be the best version of herself. Today, we multitask and juggle many tasks while we try to do it all. And now more than ever, it is incredible important to give ourselves the time and space to add a fitness and wellness routine to our daily life.

The saying fit is not a destination but a way of life may sound like a cliche, but there is truth and value in that statement. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts when it comes to wellness. It’s not about “I’ll exercise so I can fit into that dress” or “I need to run more to get bikini ready.” Fitness is hard work and takes dedication and effort, so viewing it as only a means to look good in the mirror is not sustainable. Why? Because in order to fit an exercise routine into a jam-packed lifestyle like the one many women have today takes inspiration and daily motivation. If we only search for results in our outward appearance, we will be disappointed, since fitness shapes our attitude and experience more than our body shape. We need to be fully aware of exercise’s multiple faces and benefits and embrace fitness as a lifestyle, instead of the means to getting that rockin’ body. Only then will we have the perseverance to keep going and inhabit wellness as a part of our life.

The Sweat Glow aims to provide the urban, busy woman with all the tools necessary to incorporate a more wellness-focused attitude towards exercise. By doing this, the hope is to motivate women to be their utmost healthy and fit selves. The tools will be in the form of motivational essays, tips, exercise profiles, exploration of boutique fitness studios, and all the health-related “trends.”

The Sweat Glow provides uncensored information and tips to guide and challenge you to explore different fitness options and types of movements to find the one that adds value to your life. Here, you can access class and fitness program information beforehand to make an informed decision as to what exercise you wish to try or how you want to change your exercise routine. Some anecdotes may propel you to try something new and in the process fall in love with a new form of exercise that will carry on into your everyday life. There are countless classes, studios, exercise videos at our fingertips today. I will explore them all for you and profile the best ones. Through the different fitness musings and healthy doses of tips and tricks, the hope is to inspire, motivate, and help you escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, while you get in the best shape of your life mentally, physically, and emotionally.

A little bit about me…

I was born in San Diego, California and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. My love of movement began when I was three years old. And I began incorporating ballet and jazz dance into my daily life. My love of fitness and dance has been with me through every moment of my life. I moved to New York in 2012 and completed a two year Professional Training Program at Steps on Broadway. However, soon after, I got injured and found myself at a crossroads of whether or not to keep pursuing dance. I finally decided to fuse my love of ballet with writing. Consequently, I accepted an arts administrative position at New York City Ballet.  However, there was still something missing. After much soul searching, I found solace in fitness and the way mind, body, and spirit can be united through movement and how much it can add to your daily life. I received my Barre Teacher Certification at exhale.

Yoga started as a respite after my injury and it quickly grew into something so much more. I was thrilled to discover that with a daily yoga practice I could get stronger and more flexible physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually all at the same time. I received my 200 Hour RYT certification at Yoga Vida and completed a 25 Hour Iyengar Yoga Training with Nikki Costello. I am grateful to continue my studies under the mentorship of Domenic Savino. My hope is to help students strengthen and tone their mind, body, and spirit and ultimately bring their yoga practice into their daily lives.

I deeply believe that exercise can change your life. It can become your oasis. A place and space that nurtures your soul and strengthens your body while providing an inner confidence that stays with you long after the workout is over. This calmness and confidence extends into all areas of life.

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