Can I Keep It?

Can I keep It?

As I approach my 33rd birthday, I look back and reflect on everything I have learned. I am unsure about a lot of things. Like, for example, where I’ll be a year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now. But I do know one thing for sure. I get to decide who I want to be when I grow up, essentially who I want to be when I’m 33. In this old(er) age, I’m aware of what I can’t change about myself, of what I can change and want to change, and what I want to keep. In celebration of the fact that I get to live one more year, here are half of 33 things I want to keep. The rest can be discarded as I continue to live my #bestlife. Oh, and it’s half of 33 wants because the other half I get to come up with after growing a little wiser and I’ll voice them this time next year to complete the cycle of living my #bestyearyet.

1. I want to stay grateful. Not let my wants cloud my view of what I already have. Not let my pursuance of that unreachable yoga pose, overshadow everything my body can already do.

2. I want to keep my circle of family and friends, you know those people that make days brighter, funner, deeper?

3. I want to keep my passion. I want my zest for life to stay bright, so I have to not let experiences, hardships, failures dim it.

4. I want to keep moving. As my physical body keeps moving, can my actions keep moving towards my goals?

5. I want to keep my mind young, and in order to, I have to keep reading and learning. I have to continue to be open, be it to new experiences, thoughts, opinions.

6. I want to remain physically healthy. So, I’ll keep on drinking my greens since I don’t really like vegetables and prefer burgers and fries and lobster rolls and steak, etc.

7. I want to improve my mental health and the first step is to stay away from negativity, which includes my own thoughts and other people.

8. But what about my spiritual health? Can I keep it? Maybe if I stay doing the things I love.

9. I want to go even when it’s uncomfortable. It can be so easy to get stuck in the comfortableness and stay under the covers instead of going out and changing what doesn’t work, letting go of what doesn’t belong anymore, dropping what stopped serving its purpose.

10. I want to be happy, so I’ll stop expecting and start creating.

11. I want to stay strong, as I keep lifting heavy weights, I want to be able to rely on myself to get through hardships, to get past curveballs, and be resilient.

12. I want to keep making mistakes, because I want to stay alive.

13. I want to keep finding opportunities. Opportunities to grow, opportunities to help, opportunities to be better.

14. Can I stay confident? Can I keep my strong throaty voice and continue to be outspoken in what I want and what I believe in?

15. Can I keep smiling every day knowing it’s impossible to be happy all day everyday, but just let those little moments of happiness outshadow all the other unhappy or monotone ones?

16. Can I still be my own cheerleader? I want to keep that voice when I’m in the gym motivating myself to do that last rep. I want to keep that voice that says get over it, when a thing doesn’t go my way.

16 ½ . Can I keep going on solo trips to satisfy that longing to live life to the fullest.


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