Privates are the most effective way for you to deepen and personalize your yoga practice. Each session is customized to your goals, concerns, and background. The focus will be on technique, form, and proper alignment. Ivonne draws from her 20 years of dance and fitness background and over 10 years of yoga practice to her classes so that proper form and function is understood and applied on the mat. All the sequences and yoga poses are deconstructed, re-assembled and actualized in a personalized way.

Whether you are looking to deepen your practice or start one, investing in privates will guarantee that your class is tailored to your specific needs and body. A space will be created for you to experience yoga’s full benefits on and off the mat.

Each session is 60 minutes. Your class can be arranged at the convenience of your home or office. Prior to your first session, a phone consultation will help you and Ivonne determine the practice that will be perfect for your goals.

Contact Ivonne here to schedule your private!