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Class Review: Revolve Fitness

Revival of the Fittest. This slogan is featured on the wall of the cycling room at Revolve Fitness in Union Square. It seems fitting given the fact that I am barely surviving by the end of the spin class. The instructor sets the pace and the resistance. It takes a lot to follow it by the book without breaks. To follow the beat of the music is always a challenge for me; and I am waiting for the moment in which I will feel fit enough to survive any spin class. Given the choice of working on my strength or cardio, I always go for strength. Cardio is hard. It takes a lot of concentration, endurance, and energy. BUT, I know it needs to be part of my workout. And it helps me get better at the strength portion too.

Revolve Fitness

A little bit about Revolve

Revolve is a cycling studio that features one room with AC Performance Sport bikes with MPower Echelon consoles. The room does not feel cramped, like it can feel in other spin studios since the setup is spread out. The studio itself features all the necessary amenities, such as self-locking lockers, showers, towels, and a water re-fill station. Revolve’s classes are RPM based rides, which means the resistance you, or the instructor, chooses dictates each hill. There is no choreography. Cycling shoes are available to rent for $2.00 which is standard for most studios.

Another THEME Spin Class in the City

It can be said that there are a lot of similarities between all the new, or slightly new spin studios in the city. They all take place in a dark room. They all try to impart a club-like feel while you are racing to the top and cycling “one…two…one…two” to the beat of the pulsing music. Another similar quality that has emerged is the famous theme classes, which have extended to other fitness classes such as Yoga. I’ve never taken a music theme spin class that I like. How did this become popular? Maybe it has to do with the fact that in New York, studios are always after the unattainable quality of uniqueness. Mmmh, aren’t we all? However, while this may be fun once in a while, I believe a large majority of spinners just want the latest, hippest music that will energize them. The class I took was the Body Ride class with Nicky Kouveras which featured Summer Hits 80s/90s music. Some of the music was inspiring, although the majority wasn’t. However, it really comes down to personal preference.

Survival of the Fittest

Although I have my misgivings when it comes to the music, I have no misgivings about the class, the pace, or the instructor.  “Survival of the fittest” fits in my life in NYC in the biggest sense. Lately, as I run from my apartment to work, from work to a workout class, and from a workout class to Trader Joe’s or home to make dinner, I feel like the only way to survive is to be fit. Fit in an emotional, physical, and spiritual sense. The people with most ambition, with more dreams hauling their ass, and with more “power” whether from money, status, or job, can make it. It is grueling and expensive to live here and my only outlet on days like today is my oasis in the form of my workout zone. It was only fitting that Nicky would start the class saying “relax your shoulders, your off work.” As I grabbed on to that phrase and felt my shoulders relax, I found myself pedaling right to the beat with motivation and found myself thinking “I should say this to myself more often.”

Revolve’s Body Ride

This class is perfect for working on my fitness since it is pure cardio. It concentrates on resistance and makes it like if it you were biking on the road with real hills. I tend to like more choreography based classes, where I can “dance on the bike,” but this type of pure cycling has it’s place and I get to work on different areas of my workouts. It features a lot of 30 seconds or 45 seconds giving it all you’ve got before slowing down. The class features a lot of playing with resistance and short sprints. At the half way mark, there is an arm section with 3lb weights (more weight if wanted) and then we resume the pattern of resistance based hills.

No Choreography

Overall there is no choreography in the class, only a lot of up and downs. There are changes from low resistance and fast pace to moderate resistance and slower pace, to high resistance and slow pace. Nicky was very motivational and kept saying “you are almost there.” She counted the last 10 seconds of each hill, which was extremely helpful in motivating the class to finish strong. There is a lot of variety with resistance and that makes the class go quicker than others. Revival of the fittest indeed since I finished the class panting, sweating, and my legs felt like it was leg day at the gym.

Survival of the fittest continues playing in my head as I deal with the pace of the city and I know that I have to be emotionally fit to make it, and my safe zone in the form of fitness classes play a huge part in that.Click To Tweet


The Class:  Good format. Goes quickly.

The Music: Dislike the theme of the 80s/90s Summer Hits

The Teacher: Motivational and strong

The Space: Spacious

The Amenities: Everything you need

Good For: All Levels. You can adjust accordingly.

Revolve Fitness

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