A Little Bit of Soul with Friends

“At SoulCycle we believe that fitness can be joyful. We climb, we jog, we sprint, we dance, we set our intention, and we break through boundaries.”

A little recommendation for people that THINK they don’t like to exercise- try a SoulCycle class with your best friends. I got invited to a very special birthday celebration at SoulCycle this past Sunday. At first, when I received the invitation from my lifelong friend to celebrate her birthday at a 10:45am class at SoulCycle followed by brunch, I thought “do I have to?” followed by “Can’t I just join brunch?” Usually, I strictly reserve Sundays for physical and mental recovery, sleeping in, eating burgers or BBQ, and binge watching Netflix. Safe to say, I’ve never exercised on Sundays. However, in the end, I decided to suck it up and join my friend for her whole birthday package. Boy was I in for a big surprise.


The Class

This was my second time at SoulCycle and I remember not being that impressed the first time. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, but there was too much hype built around it. I have been to multiple cycling studios in the city and they all have a lot of similarities. However, this past experience at SoulCycle was unlike any other. Of course it had something to do with my six friends that were along for the ride, and I will have to go another time to give the studio a fair review. This post has to do with the big rewards of taking a class with a group of friends and doing something different on Sundays.

The plan was simple, reserve bikes close to one another, take Becca’s class, and go to a much deserved brunch. I arrived at the Noho location and began to feel pumped as I spotted my friends and heard the pulsing music from the studio. We reserved a few bikes close to one another which allowed us to high-five each other after finishing a particularly tough section. This type of energy cannot be fueled by music or a particularly motivational teacher. This “high” I experienced was caused by taking a fitness class with lifelong friends. The class was tough and energetic, and I could feel all of us feeding off each other’s energy.  I felt a rush of gratitude for these girls as I looked at them striving to finish the class strong.

Time to reflect on life’s many blessings

Towards the end of class, we had one song that was just for us, without guidance, in the dark, pedaling to our own rhythm and towards our own destination. It was perfect. After intense sections with a lot of choreography, a ton of motivational phrases, and changes between light and dark lighting within the room, this section served as a reflection on what we had just accomplished. For me, it went much further than that. It was a moment of gratitude for being in New York at that period in time, along with childhood friends and being able to share moments like this one. You see, it is no coincidence that these six girls all come from Tijuana, Mexico. I’ve known them for the majority of my life. The birthday girl, I’ve known since elementary school. Hence, it was pretty cool to have that time (while pedaling and listening to very cool music in the dark) to reflect on life and its many blessings. So a huge shout-out to these girls that mean the world to me.

Cake at SoulCycle

Before the final stretch, SoulCycle employees came into the room with an Insomnia cookie cake and balloon. We all sang happy birthday. It is an understatement to say it was pretty special. After class, we all got ready together while catching up and then we headed to brunch. We were all starving by then and the celebration continued…

I highly encourage everyone to get a group of friends together, sign up for a SoulCycle class, and enjoy Brunch afterwards. I guarantee it will turn out to be a very special day!



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